Natalie Birch Ideasmith, Creative Director

Natalie has immersed herself in graphic design and creative art for over 15 years and was taught by the same lecturer who taught Graeme Base []. Her favourite colour is orange, but she’s a fan of the whole rainbow and loves instilling brilliant colours into her work. She also enjoys studying fonts and the English language, and her biggest career goal is to write and illustrate a children’s book of her own.

Natalie is renowned for her brilliant ideas and people have poked and prodded at her thoughts since childhood. You’ll often find her deep in conversation with somebody about their latest project; why octopuses have eight arms (or is it six arms and two legs?); or what’s going to happen in 2020.

When she’s not creating stuff, you’ll find Natalie camping in the great outdoors, exploring markets, watching the ballet, laughing with friends or trying different types of tea.

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Our Mission

What we live and breathe

Anyone can design, but it takes personality to create a winning brand! We engage our Aussie team of creative vigilantes to execute our radical ideas and deliver our customers gobsmacking brands that do the selling for them. See things differently with Ideas Ministry!

Why Choose Us?

Apart from the fact we're super fun to work with

  • We have brilliant ideas

    Anyone can design, but it takes personality to come up with great ideas! At Ideas Ministry we like to find what's different about you, and use that to your best advantage across your brand development and marketing. Draw a square and we'll think outside it!

  • We're original

    We create custom designs from scratch for every client. We don’t outsource to cheap overseas designers. We don’t recycle design templates. And we certainly don't copy the work of another designer (yes, we have been asked to do so on occasion, and have politely refused).

  • We do our research

    Where many designers will simply take your design brief and follow it, we go a step further and help you to create and fulfil the brief. We research your industry, market, target customers and competitors, so that we’re starting every project with a really sound idea of what we’re doing, and can deliver you premium results the first time.

  • We're human

    Although we're great at all that creative stuff, we can also hold a conversation and we have a reasonable emotional IQ. We enjoy meeting our clients in person when possible, as we love to get to know who we're working with. But if you're just as busy as everyone else (and can resist the coffee and cake), we can adapt to phone and email correspondence - it works just as well in our industry!

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