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How we like to work

  • 1
    We meet with you (in person where possible) to get to know you and your business
  • 2
    Together we identify your goals and establish a project brief
  • 3
    We deliver you a proposal along with project terms and conditions
  • 4
    Approval to proceed = invoice for deposit (usually 50%)
  • 5
    We commence background research on industry, market, customers and competitors and start brainstorming!
  • 6
    Design work begins and initial concepts are sent to you via email or, where possible, presented in person
  • 7
    We engage you during the drafts and revisions stage (number of steps dependent on project)
  • 8
    Final approval and invoice for balance
  • 9
    Finished artwork files are completed and supplied to you, or sent to print
  • 10
    We follow up with you to gauge the outcomes of your project and share any further ideas


Things we get asked a lot - and don't mind answering

1. How long will the project take?

Turnaround times vary depending on a few things, like how busy we are at the time of taking on a new project, how much material is ready for us to start with, how quickly our clients respond to drafts and how many revisions are required.

For example, some logos can take a couple of days, while others may take a couple of months.

We’re great at keeping our clients in the loop and we find that it’s a two-way street. So if you’re also a gun at open communication, we’ll get along just fine!

2. Can we meet in person?

Absolutely, yes! We prefer to meet clients in person, at least at the beginning. After that, email and phone correspondence is fine, and most people prefer it this way as we’re all busy bees. Buzzz!!

3. Can you show me some samples of your work?

Of course, we love showing clients any previous work we’ve done, especially if it’s in line with their industry or market. Head over to our portfolio page and view our previous examples of work, or see what we’re doing at https://www.instagram.com/ideasministry/ or http://facebook.com/ideasministry

4. Who owns the rights to my logo?

What makes us more loveable is that our clients can always assume full ownership and usage rights of the finished logo we create for them. Unlike some designers who maintain copyright and charge additional fees for usage, Ideas Ministry hands over all logo files for the client to use at their own desire. And we don’t just mean a cruddy jpeg that you can’t do anything with later – we’ll give you working files like vector eps that will make your other suppliers dance and/or fist pump (we mean that). In return, we like to show what we’ve created for you on our website and social media so that others can share in the joy. It also helps to promote your business to our extensive networks!

Can you create my brochure in Word?

Designers get asked this question all the time, and (I’m speaking for all professional designers here) while we always politely explain why this is a huge, enormous, resounding NO (did you hear me yelling that?), deep inside we’re figuratively sticking pins in our eyes. That may seem a little dramatic but here’s the honest truth:

1) Word is for typing documents, not for designing and laying out beautiful, professional artwork;

2) Word is extremely limiting for us and we’d much prefer to use our commercial design software to give you the best result;

3) Printers will have a tantrum if we give them a Word document to print (items need to be set up for print properly – if you don’t know what the terms bleed, trims, resolution, DPI or CMYK mean, then please put your faith in your favourite graphic designer);

4) Just… no

*Disclaimer: some other items can be put together in Word – under exceptional circumstances. We’re happy to discuss your requirements, of course!

Couldn’t find any answers?

If we haven’t manage to answer some of your questions here in our FAQs section, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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